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Liferay plugins

Liferay plugins is a collection of free and open source Liferay plugins. It is hosted at GitHub and released under LGPL license.

Custom Global Markup portlet

Custom Global Markup screenshot

The portlet adds convenient management interface in Liferay’s control panel for portal administrator to easy add/modify/delete custom markups (javascript, css, html) to every page in given community.  

liferay-ui taglib demo portlet

liferay-ui taglib demo screenshot

The portlet demonstrates how to use some of the tags available in liferay-ui tag library.

Tailgate portlet

liferay-ui taglib demo screenshot A portlet capable of displaying log files. It continuously displays file's content as file grows. This is a limited, web based version of "tail -f" command. 

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Source code, binaries, trackers and wiki are hosted at GitHub.

Source codehttp://github.com/azzazzel/Liferay-plugins