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APropOS is simple web application for organizing and storing properties. It was meant to be used as property database for Ant to simplify management of multi-platform builds. Here is  screenshot to give you an idea what it looks like

Apropos screenshot

You may want to give APropOS a try if your project has many developers or is build on more than one machine. It may also help if you need to build few versions of the project (for example WWW and WAP) with different settings. Internationalization or runtime configuration are another potential use cases.

For more information about Apropos please visit dedicated site. Your feedback and suggestions and are highly welcomed. Please let us know if you find it useful. 

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Binaries, trackers and site are hosted at SourceForge. Source code is available from GitHub.

Project sitehttp://apropos.sourceforge.net
Source codehttp://github.com/azzazzel/apropos/tree/master