"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen" - Albert Einstein
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Open source for open minded companies is much better choice!

Having this in mind Milen Dyankov founded COMMSEN International in 2006. Since then, we are doing our best to provide customers with high quality, cost effective IT solutions mostly based on open source software.

How it works?

There are already systems, frameworks, libraries and tools made by great companies and organizations (like The Apache Software Foundation, JBoss, MuleSource, SpringSource or Eclipse Foundation to mention a few) on which more innovative, successful and cost effective solutions  can be build. So what can we add? Know-how, years of experience, responsibility, integration with your existing software  thus saving your time and efforts. The actual model of cooperation depends on what best fits customer's work culture and expectations but cutting it down to a few key phases it may looks like this:

  • First we will carefully study your requirements and expectations.
  • Then we'll do tests, build prototypes and once convinced about the result we'll make you an offer.
  • Next we'll assemble, update, modify, develop and integrate the actual product.
  • Finally, on your request, we can provide support, assistance and trainings. 

What we can help with?

Among our areas of competence are enterprise Java applications, enterprise applications integration, corporate portals, device independent web presence, e-commerce. But don't hesitate to ask us about anything else you may need. We don't charge for questions or requests and the one above is by far not a complete list. For more information see the buzzwords page.

How to contact us?

Try info@commsen.com or call ++48 504 164 504. And in case you really need to send us something via snail mail, here is the address:   

COMMSEN International
ul. Bazylijska 74
95-100 Zgierz